Life is what you make it.

Chaotic? Probably is.

Boring? Most likely.

Happy? Good for you.

We are what we make of our daily interactions, relationships and status updates. We are meaning making machines. What you spend your attention on, how you react and the opinions you form (either accurate or not) all influence how we view our lives. They dictate our days. If you react, you label. Once you label, you enforce through  evidence. The more evidence you gather, the more the label is justified. Which leads to your life.

Your thoughts dictate your life. If I view my life as a roller coaster, it is. What happens to you is all a state of mind.

“But, wait,” you say. “Person A broke my heart. You’re telling me I shouldn’t be mad? It was their fault we broke up! They did this!”

Oh yea? I beg to differ…

My answer to you is:  who were you in the relationship?  

I’m asking you to take a long, hard look at how you not only interact with others, but the thoughts you have (sometimes you don’t even realize, but these thoughts run NON-STOP). Are you in a constant state of mind of drama? Love? Acceptance? Judgment? These thoughts, this voice inside you, fuels the way you speak and interact with others. Take heed. Take mind. And try a new voice today.