I lettered in Cheerleading during high school. I know, right? Surprise surprise! I was that girl who proudly and enthusiastically cheered my way through four years of the hell that is high school. I sauntered around in my short skirt. Flipped my little ribbon tied ponytail. And shook the pom-poms my mama gave me.

At the end of the day, no matter what life throws at me, I realize I’m still that cheerleader. I cheer for the guy who always finishes last. I cheer for the girl who has her heart stomped on and stands up again for round 100. The kid who didn’t get picked on the playground. The friend who’s at a loss why her boyfriend dumped her….the list goes on and on. But I realize I rarely cheer for me. When times get tough, I only get tougher…on myself. If I’ve failed, faltered or mis-stepped I belittle my efforts, no matter how grand or genuine. When down in the dumps I often wonder, where’s my cheerleader? And then I realize, as I have this morning, that though I am head cheerleader of my life I’ve assembled my own squad of loyal and loving Glitterati. No one can do it alone…everyone needs a cheering squad. Do you have yours?