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I went to Planned Parenthood today to get my annual STD screening. Why not my regular obgyn? Well, I thought it would be cheaper and more affordable and also quicker to pop in to the good ol’ community service orientated clinic. Boy was I WRONG!

With insurance and my pre-tax income exceeding $5k/mnth, they were going to charge me over $200 for my visit.

$200???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?????

I scream discrimination! Here I am, a young, caucasian woman with a full-time job, benefits and a substantial income and they were charging me above and beyond a typical appointment. So I ask them, if I didn’t have insurance or made less than $5k, what would I pay?

Their answer: $15.

Wait a minute here…you are telling me you are milking me for more money because I am better off essentially? Yes, they said. But we wouldn’t use the term “milking.”


What do you do when your menstrual cycle hits, you have to be at work and you are writhing in pain? I almost wore a skirt to work today, even though it’s raining so I wouldn’t have to feel the clothe against my bloated and swollen skin. Last night I took my boyfriend’s head, snapped it off, then curled up into a little ball before crying myself to sleep. Now that’s real pain.

I thought about calling in sick this morning, staying home and nursing my wounded uterus back to proper health but decided against it, only because what, am I gonna call in sick every month? This doesn’t happen just once a year, this is an every 28 day reoccurrence. Women just can’t call in sick every month, expecting our workplace to excuse almost two weeks a year due to our hormonal fluctuations. On top of that, who wants to use a super valuable sick day for something a Vicodin can eradicate? Never mind that I can’t function all doped up, the American Way values productivity and presence (the fact that you show up and your face is seen at the office is valuable within itself at this crucial time of job-security).

So instead of burying myself in a mound of blankets and overeating, I (barely) buttoned up my pants and drove myself to work. Here I am sucking down a coffee, overdosing on Advil liqui-gels and staring out at the rain (which, incidentally, summarizes my mood quite appropriately). My next step? Finding appropriate period attire for the workplace. I’m thinking chic, loose, dark and comfortable.