I’m walking down the street, my khaki trench wrapped tightly around me and my burberry scarf flapping in the wind. It’s chilly, brisk even, with the smell of autumn in the air. I have a lunch date with a friend who I haven’t seen in months and I’m already running late -damn these heels!

I’ve spent the last year in London finishing my third book and have arrived in New York City with a renewed enthusiasm. New York, my second home, stole my heart years ago and I’ve decided it’s time to make it official. I’m moving back!

My husband and I have decided to keep it modest and renovate a three story brownstone in Manhattan. Decorated in the classic American style, we’ve kept it simple but elegant with clean lines and soft fabric. Nothing too uptight for us, aesthetics are key but not always functional. Plus, with two small children running around we need to be somewhat practical. Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma…all my new best friends. The children and our live-in nanny will occupy the second floor, our master suite and home office on the third. A modest guest room, living room, formal dining and spacious kitchen are all on the main level. Our home is our haven, creating a space for entertaining and relaxation.

I make it to the restaurant just a moment before I’m considered late and spot my friend. I’m escorted to her favorite booth and we embrace. It’s been close to a year since her last party in Paris, held at an estate high above the sprawling city to celebrate her birthday. A well known singer, song writer and vocalist she is known to travel extensively and I am lucky to have caught her in the city for a lunch date. She has a proposition: her home in the Hamptons is vacant for the upcoming summer while she’s touring in the South of France. Would I be interested in a summer home?

But of course.