Ladies, there is nothing more depressing than seeing most of you walk in heels. Your ankles collapse, your back is hunched…please STOP. Now read this post on how to correctly and gracefully walk in your pumps.

1. Make sure, first of all, that you are wearing the appropriate size of shoe. Many women buy shoes too small, expecting them to stretch. Depending on your climate they might. Depending on their brand, they might as well. The cheaper, the more likelier they’ll stretch. Also, how are your arches? High? Low? Non-existent? Proper arch support is key for walking in heels. Without proper support for the entire foot you won’t get too far.

2. Now assuming your shoes fits correctly let’s spend a few minutes discussing posture. The majority of Americans have poor, if not just plain offensive, posture. Take a moment and do the following: sit up straight, tuck the pelvis under (as if you were sucking in your lower belly), roll the shoulders back and instead of doing a full circle stop when you feel the shoulder blades peak and come together. Now….HOLD

3. Easy enough sitting down right? Now stand and repeat the above mentioned exercise. Notice even your head naturally responds, causing the eyes to look up versus down at the floor?  Might feel a little funny at first – this is normal – but keep placing yourself in the proper position to train your muscles. (The really cool part? Proper posture not only makes you look great in heels, it also reduces migraines, improves breathing function and capacity, as well as inhibits the formation of the hot hunchback look in your 70’s!)

4.  Now we get to the real meat of the matter – walking. Left, right, left, right…I was trained to walk as a child by a grandmother whose English background advocated heavy books and marbles. Some of you might know what that means. For others, feel lucky. Now, with head held high start walking. I guarantee you aren’t consciously aware of your steps. Some of you just plow forward. But take a moment to actually consider the way you walk. Instead of barreling through life, step with purpose.

5. Ankles. Like our knees they take the brunt of our daily life. We wonder why so many people have knee/ankle/feet issues? They don’t walk with purpose. Notice your alignment…stand infront of a mirror in heels and check out how your ankles align with your knees, hips and shoulders. Some of us (thanks genetics) have wider hips and our ankles and knees need to compensate for the width with a wider stance. Do your ankles splay out? Collapse in? Strengthening your ankles is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for your body. Your senior self will thank you, trust me.

6. You may be walking a bit taller now, making eye contact and wearing the right shoe. Stepping with purpose, you are aware of your alignment and are thinking your ankles are weak. This is normal and easily fixed. My go-tos? Ankle stretches in the evening (ankle rolls, extensions, massage) and acupuncture. Scar tissue build up and inflammation will take you out of your heels faster than Tiger found a new mistress, PREVENT before you RESENT. You’ll kick yourself in the butt when the recuperation period costs more and takes you away from what you love (your shoes) if you could have prevented it in the first place.

7. Lastly, love your shoes. No matter if they are 5 inches to flats. When you love what you wear and feel sexy, you stand taller, hold your head higher and smile brighter. Now go get ’em cougar…